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Medical Sales Reprasentatives: Candidates


Checklist for trainees.

1. Qualifications

2. Clean Driving Licence

3. Personal Qualities

4. Research the industry & work of Successful Medical Representatives

5. Prepare for Interviews

6. Choose your Recruitment Consultancy


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1. Qualifications
Requirements vary from company to company but a minimum of A Level in Science (preferably Biology) with some sales experience may be acceptable by some. A few companies will consider graduates of any discipline but more usually a scientific background to degree level or paramedical qualification either with or without sales experience but with some commercial awareness may be the starting point to a successful career in Medical Sales.
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2. A Full Clean British Driving Licence - THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST

3. Personal Qualities
The list here is almost endless but good communication skills, a bright personality, an enthusiastic friendly manner, resilience and honesty with a high level of commitment and the determination and motivation to succeed are just some of the qualities which help to impress interviewers and bring you nearer to your goal
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4. Research the industry & work of Successful Medical

Contact various people working within the industry who Medical Representatives sell to and ask for their assistance eg GPs, Practice Nurses, Practice Managers, PCTs, Pharmacists, Hospital Doctors and Nurses. Ask about their dealings with Medical Representatives and persuade them to put you in contact with an experienced Medical Representative.

Talk to Medical Representatives about their work and ask to work-shadow them - what are the problems you come up against as a Medical Representative and how do you overcome them.

Read a book on selling - a simple easy-to-read book on the structure of a sale

It is absolutely essential that you undertake this type of research: not only will this demonstrate to the interviewer your level of commitment and initiative but it will also give you confidence during an interview.
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5. Prepare for Interviews
Preparation for interviews is essential - and it always pays off. Never think that your natural charm and intelligence will pull you through - it won't. Your lack of preparation will be obvious to the interviewer and will indicate a lack of motivation and real interest in this type of career and in particular the post you are being interviewed for.

Further points to include

  • Confirm your acceptance of the interview and check who you will be interviewed by and the location of the venue
  • Check that you have all correspondence, job specifications, application forms, copies of qualifications and driving licence in a neat folder
  • Prepare yourself for the questions you are likely to be asked about yourself - why you are applying for the position - why you would be successful as a Medical Representative
  • Dress smartly - a suit is most appropriate
  • Arrive on time

These points apply to all interviews but for Client Company interviews you should add the following to your list of topics to research:

  • The type of Company and location of their main Head Office in the UK
  • The product range, market performance and main competitors
  • Any special features of interest you know or have read about in the media or on the internet
  • Prepare your list of questions relevant to the position you are applying for
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6. Choose your Recruitment Consultancy with Care!
This is where Chartfield Recruitment comes in

We know the industry well and have had direct relevant experience within Medical Sales and Management. We know the Client Companies and what type of individual they are looking for. We can advise and guide you through the interview 'maze' to a successful outcome.

We will produce a professional CV for the introduction to Client Companies, will invite you to a full interview, and will offer you guidance on interview techniques relevant to gaining successful employment with Medical Companies.

All our services to would-be Medical Representatives are entirely free of charge and highly confidential so

Click here to contact us or Click here to register and send your CV.

Remember.... Chartfield Recruitment - we're here to help you succeed.

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